271112 005400  271112 008400
Showing the backside of a 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 13 mm Ceramic
Panel, floor is handmade 400 mm x 400 mm x 25 mm Terra Cotta
The panel is marked up for the installation process of preparing it for
the Slimline Supportclips to erect and support it on the core filled concrete
block wall. The fixing points are 150 mm in from each edge ( this can vary
to suit ) top and bottom
271112 010400 271112 013400
The Slimline Supportclip cutter set to make the indents at 3 mm
joints between panels when installed .The joint width is effected by the 
position of the top epoxied in Supportclip on the panel . The time
involved to mark up and install these 4 indents / panel is about 25
seconds / panel , but allow yourself 1 minute as men talk
( 2 required for panels this size )
This shows the bottom indent on the panel , which will marry with
the top tounge of the clips which is epoxied into the top of the panel .The
position is always 22 mm from the bottom edge of the panel which is
importnant when positioning the bottom Supportclips into place on the
substrate to accept the position of the panels ( if starting up off the
floor level ).
 271112 018400 271112 019400 
this shows the epoxied in top Supportclip into the panel . This
positioning of the clip into place is best done with time for the epoxy to
cure and 24 hr epoxy is stronger than 1 hr epoxy . The position of the
indent for this Supportclip is goverened by the joint width of the panel and
can vary from 35 mm - 45 mm from the top edge of the panel 
shows the bottom clip dry fitted onto the back of the panel . This
Supportclip has the top tounge cut off so it will touch back onto the panel
after it is installed 
 271112 021400 271112 023400 
this shows the bottom modified Supportclip installed onto the concrete
block substrate with a 12 gauge coutersunk S S screw into
a green wall plug . These still have to beadjusted in and out to suit
the plumb of the wall 
this shows a 300 mm x 300 mm x 9 mm ceramic tile with the
Supportclips installed the same way as with the 1000 mm square panels as
they work from 9 mm - 15 mm thick material 
271112 026400 271112 033400
shows the 1000 mm x 100 mmx 13 mm ( weight 28 kgs) installed onto
the 2 x bottom Supportclips plumb and level
shows the 2 panels installed plumb and level . The time to install
the 2 x bottom clipd + install the 2 other panels for 2 men is 20 MINUTES .
The panels were prepared the previous day in 5 minutes / panel =allow 10
271112 037400   271112 038400
shows the Slimline Supportclip + the 12 gauge x 45 mm countersunk
SS screw  along with a section (25 mm long ) of high density external
refrigerator foam that is ideal to be used as an adjustable support
from 5mm - 12 mm . It is best to fill the inner core of the foam
( 8 mm hole )
IN THE SCREW  it forms a shock absorber when it is set in about 12 hrs
shows an external wall on the new Coles building in Ipswich (
600 MM X 600 MM X 10 MM Ceramic tiles were erected with 1 x Slimline
Supportclip/ panel along with a good cement based adhesive and they
have complete safety of the panels staying in place and a cost
of $13.50/ m2 or $4.50/ tile