Here we have some mixed course Limestone panels. The installation is for the Frankston Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club, Melbourne. The guys are using a vast array of our systems over a mix of substrates including pre-cast, core filled block and compressed sheeting. In these pics the guys are using the 6 mm and 8 mm Adjustable. The guys are working to a 20 mm cavity and using #megapoxy to reconstruct the stone with the clip that is to be fixed to the substrate.

The work of IG Parker Stonemasonry and Buxton Construction completed Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Course in Frankston, Victoria.

The stone has been supplied by Gosford Quarries and has come in at a 40 mm bed thickness. The installation has called for a variety of our Adjustable and SetClip products over varying substrates through out the build. The variable coursed stack formation of the sandstone panels is fantastic, contemporary and timeless.

A large scale installation that will definitely add to the prestige of the peninsula and a great example of our products and the workmanship of the boys from IG Parker in a high end private sector build.

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