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Support Brackets for Stone and Ceramic Panels
Set Clip + Adjustable + StonePin + StoneSub + SupportClip + Z brackets with T pins
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125 mm 18 volt wet cutter with a 4.0 A/H battery

Our 125 mm 18 volt wet cutter with a 4.0 A/H battery

It is one of their Professional range cutters and it comes with its own 5 litre pump up bottle and this allows you to cut on site without worry about dust and residue.

It is supplied with a blade suitable for Granite, Engineered stone and Sandstones.

Blades suitable for Marble are supplied on order.

It allows a cut depth in excess of 30 mm 
The cutter itself is set up to cut both 20 mm and 30 mm thick panels ( without the worry of face blowout of the panel from excessive heat ) with the simple removal of the front slide .
AU $650.00

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