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 6mm Adjustable StoneClip.EASM  6mm Adjustable Stonesub.EASM  8mm Adjustable Midrail.EASM
6mm Adjustable StoneClip 6mm Adjustable Stonesub 8mm Adjustable Midrail
12mm Adjustable StoneClip.EASM 12mm Ajustable T&B.EASM 12mm T-Thread.EASM
12mm Adjustable StoneClip 12mm Ajustable T&B 12mm T-Thread
Ajustable 12mm Stoneclip on track.EASM Ajustable T-pin on track.EASM Ajustable T&B on track.EASM
Ajustable 12mm Stoneclip on track Ajustable T-pin on track Ajustable T&B on track
Set Size StoneClip 28mm.EASM Slim Line Clip.EASM Stone Clip - StoneSub.EASM
Set Size StoneClip 28mm Slim Line Clip Stone Clip - StoneSub
 Stone Clip-Mid-Rail set size.EASM Stone Pin -T&B.EASM   Stone-Pin-12mm- Round.EASM
Stone Clip-Mid-Rail set size Stone Pin -T&B Stone-Pin-12mm- Round
Adjustable with glue cover on top